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This is where i post information on my monthly 3 favorite cosmetic ideas. I also will include swatches,new cosmetics and new line information for different Cosmetic Companies.

May 2010 



* Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss (Coral Reef)

* Matrix Curl Life contouring cream

* Mac Sweet & Punchy Eyeshadow

Thoughts on Lush some recent purchases....

April 26, 2010
So as you may have seen in my video I have made to stops at LUSH. I did not think i would be as into Lush as other people and gurus because i am more of a shower person. Well i was completely wrong! I really never even cared for Bath and Body works either. I think one of the things that gets me is that its handmade and better for the environment. I am really loving the bubble gum lip scrub. It exfoliates perfectly. The smell is amazing a very candy like smell. I said in my video i would probably not lick it off my lips after i exfoliate. I was wrong again....its taste amazing lol. I may be finished with it a bit quicker than expected 8). I also mentioned in the video getting the samples of shower gel. The ladies at the counter thought i might prefer shower gel to soap since i take showers. I have to say that the first one i used OLIVE BRANCH was horrible.

The smell was very over whelming and smelled worse in the shower. It really almost made me gag. It has a manly cologne type smell with undertones of old wet dirt. The kind of wet smell where something gets wet and does not completely dry. Then a few days later you smell it and it has that awful oder. I really prefer to stick with the soaps! I am in love with figs and leaves still. Honey i washed the kids might be coming in close behind. I find rock start and honey i washed the kids very moisturizing and lathers very well. I will have to give you info on a couple of the massage bars next time. The picture below is of my favorite soap figs and leaves. Try it out. Talk to you later.
check out my recent lush haul by clicking on lush ..... LUSH

Paint brush equals Makeup Brush

April 26, 2010
Alright, so I have been organizing my cluttered room. I have a ton of makeup and nail stuff. To much for one person that's for sure! So i was using 4 glass vases with sand in the bottom to hold my collection of makeup brushes. This is what many girls call the Sephora inspired brush holder. Well you are suppose to use bean bag fill which i can NOT FIND ANYWHERE!!! So i bought sand thinking it would work just as well. The sand DOES NOT WORK so do not try it. It scratches my brushes and m...
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Sarah Beauty Blog

April 26, 2010
soon to come i am moving my blog to this page. I really hope you will keep in touch.
Thanks for taking the time to check out my site.

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