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Please contact me or comment for requests! I will give you a shout out and give everyone the link to your page so that they could have your information. I will contact you once the video is up! More request coming soon!

These may include... Tutorials,Hauls,Contests,FOTD,LOTD,Reviews,Ect...

Requests/Contests Dramatic Looks

I love to take request for makeup tutorials! Here you can find looks you may want to try out. Also i am going to be having my first of many contest coming up so stay tuned. On my  channel you can also view many looks from previous contests i have entered! 

Makeup ideas/Tags Questions/Makeup brushes

This is my homemade makeup brush holder. I love makeup brushes. If you have any questions for me you can go to my contact page. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Makeup tutorials/ Hauls / Reviews available on sarahcosmeticjunkie channel now....

Fake Mac 24 piece brush set review * Comparison of real Mac Brushes to fake Mac brushes * Mac Viva Glam Lady Gaga lipstick review * Milani Eyebrow kit Review * Mac Cha Cha lipglass review * Lush Bubble gum lip scrub review * Lush Figs and Leaves soap review * Lush Naked kit review and information * Bridal everyday soft brown smokey eye tutorial * Everyday Foundation routine * Everyday Eye routine * Simple smokey eye tutorial * Luminary Maharti and playboy moisturizer review * Makeup collection * Tags * Whats in my purse * How do you say these words * Very colorful and glittery look (shown below) * 60's era look * My name written in makeup across my face look lol * So much more to come ....I really love making videos and meeting new friends on you tube who share the same loves as i do. I will talk to you soon. Stay in touch <3


Everyday looks/Tutorials

really love dramatic looks but i love everyday looks just as much if not more. I wear everyday looks more often than anything thing else! The more dramatic looks are great to bring out your artsy side but you can normally only wear those types of looks when your going out.

Review / Swatches

If you are interested in checking out new makeup. I will always try and give swatches and reviews of current makeup i have bought or already owe. If there are any reviews on specific products you would like just let me know. 


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