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I really love my subscribers! They give me a reason to continue to keep making videos. I love making videos but to have someone appreciate them and let me know they enjoyed it makes it so worth it!  Thanks you so much..... This is to give the great people that left such sweet comments on my channel a SHOUT OUT <3 you should check them out....

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EyeDreamOfShadow (1 week ago)
hey girl i just stumbled upon ur videos and i love them, had to sub! hope you get a chance to check out my channel and subscribe, i don't have much cuz i'm just starting out. =)


MyPinkRainbow (1 week ago)

hi sara , i love your vodeos your so personable and i love that , nice to meet you and hope to get to know you better , your so sweet and have a beautiful eyes , they are beautiful
have a pink rainbow day
georgia from ohio


edgyglamour (1 month ago)

thank you! i appreciate it alot and i subscribed back <3
your so pretty! and you have a nice personality :D

BentleyBlonde (1 month ago)

Hi Sarah!
cute channel :))
please check mine out too if youd like!
xoxo Wendy

handbagbuyer82 (1 month ago)
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hello doll  i subbed great channel(: xoxo jen


yackattack10 (1 month ago)

Hey I subbed! I really love your videos! keep up the great work!
If you have time will you go check out my channel? Thanks!! :)

LuvStonedDani (1 month ago)
Hey! I love your channel :-)
I subbed, sub back?

TheBeautyBarista (1 month ago)

LOVE your vids!! keep it up!! =]

MakeupByYenny (2 months ago)
thanks for the swwet comment in ma channel i love your videos!


EleanorWhoLaughsAlot (5 days ago)
Great job on the nail videos! Very helpful!


Michellemichl (2 weeks ago)

New subbie, love your vids! u rock...nice contest giveaways...have a great week :)


breannaxlynnx33 (1 week ago)

Hi sara , you did a very good job! i have a request.. maybe show your nail gel products and where you got them?


DOCTOROFMINDMD (2 weeks ago)

hot channel

alamia (2 months ago)

you're welcome! cool videos! :)

beardog614 (2 months ago)

you make me want to buy makeup



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